what is that you To practice on an almost daily basis, is that similar to how a classical concert pianist would practice scales? How can you get others notice This talent you pure – especially one who can funds Your talent? In this episode, EconTalk host Russ Roberts welcomes Tyler Cowen to talk about his new book. talentCo-authored with Daniel Gross.

The conversation also highlights Cowen’s new VC-esque project, Emergent Ventures, though Cowen is not only the talent, but transformative On the talent trail, Cowen describes his unorthodox interview process, what he looks for in a grant recipient, and why he thinks the best indicator of interest is how many tabs you have open on your computer.

1- Roberts and Cowen agree that spotting talent is more of an art than a science, but how does Cowen to define it? Why is the question of what and how much someone Cowen exercises so much importance?

2- Cowen and Roberts spend quite a bit of time discussing the emotional side of interviewing and Cowen’s own idiosyncratic style of “unstructured” interviewing. How much is interviewing today overrated? What makes a good interview for Cowen? (and probably of the maximum interest, Who among you wants to be the next Russ Roberts??? We need to set up a zoom…)

3- Is meritocracy out of fashion in 2022? Do we overrate certification in the modern economy? When Cowen says of the certificate, “It’s a barrier for minorities, a barrier for women who have had children before, who have had children at the wrong time, or who left school to raise a family. And, it’s one of the worst things we have in American society,” he meant? How much to do you Think it’s true?

4- What is the difference between stamina and grit for Cowen and why can stamina be one negative Characteristic?

5- Cornucopia question; Take your pick: What do confessions and therapy have in common? How Zoom interviews can sometimes be done good Want a personal interview? How is status on Zoom different than in person? How much does humor have to do with success?

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