Attempts at logical coordination are a necessary condition for any intellectual claim and a fortification for any social theory. Speaking about Vice President Kamala Harris’s position on abortion, The Wall Street Journal Report (“Biden at Center for Fighting Abortion After Career of Reservation,” May 8, 2022):

During his inaugural address at Nashville, Tennessee State University on Saturday, [Ms. Harris] She said the United States was forced to uphold principles such as the “women’s right to self-determination.”

Forget what “US” means. Miss Harris probably means “US state”. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly.

The obvious contradiction here is that I don’t make the first note. I have never heard of Miss Harris talking about the right of a woman to decide how she uses her body to function-for example, accepting a wage below the minimum wage set by the government, if she so desires, as opposed to remaining unemployed. Or he is not known to defend a woman’s right to make decisions about the use of her own body. (Later in this case, a key constitutional amendment exists that the vice-president may press instead to devalue it incoherently.) Such examples can be multiplied.

Abortion is a complex and difficult problem, but a minimal one Effort Consistency is needed.

Perhaps Mrs. Harris is speaking instead Collective 50% + 1 American women have the right to use any woman’s body as they see fit? But, then, since anyone can apparently decide that she is a woman, is she calling for the collective right of 50% + 1 of all Americans to decide on the individual body of a minority woman in the 50% -1 group? And why focus on Americans as opposed to Mississippians? Not to mention women in the rest of the world, most of whom may have different ideas about petty aggression. And yet what is so sacred about the overwhelming majority? Logical continuity is not a strong point of collectivism.

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