In the United States, about 350 people die every day from Covid-19. That number is much lower than at the top, but it is still an alarmingly high death toll as new covid infections have declined rapidly in recent months.

Last December, the FDA approved the use of Paxlovid, which has been shown to be 90% effective in treating covid. Since then, I have read Numerous articles Suggests that many covidar sufferers are not being given this highly effective treatment.

I know a 97-year-old man who was hospitalized as soon as Kovid became infected and was then given oxygen. He was not given Paxlovid until 6 days later when he wanted it. In another case, a Kovid patient I knew asked his doctor about Paxlovid, and the doctor replied that he had never heard of the drug.

What I read in the media seems to confirm these facts. I’m confused about what’s going on here. We have this patriarchal healthcare system where people are not supposed to make their own decisions; Rather rely on “experts” for their advice and prescription. So why are experts failing us?

PS What’s worth it, Paxlovid is the most effective drug I’ve ever taken. It almost always takes me at least 7 to 10 days, sometimes a month, to recover from an illness with a fever. (I have a weakened immune system.) After taking Paxlovid, I recovered in about 12 hours. Yes, in my case there is no evidence of cause and effect. But keep in mind that Paxlovid Clinical Studies have also shown high rates of efficacy.

In my case, I got the prescription after about 15 seconds of consultation with someone I had never met in a telemedicine zoom meeting. Can’t a pharmacist do that? Apparently not:

Even if you qualify, someone still has to prescribe the drug, which means the pharmacy where you test must have a clinic, such as CVS ‘MinuteClinic, where a professional can screen, diagnose and prescribe. Only 10% of CVS drugstores and even fewer Walgreens have physicians on site.

I understand that pharmacists can make more mistakes in their 15 second question than the telemedicine operator I spoke to. But 350 people are dying every day. Is the FDA looking at this on a cost / benefit basis?

PPS. We could have saved a lot of lives if we had more people Vaccine booster. I also know in certain cases where the medical institution has thrown the ball in this regard.

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