As a student of public choice, I’m never surprised when politicians act in ways that promote their number one goal – re-election. No one should be. Political leaders are human, maybe with an extra tablespoon of narcissism, but still mere mortals who put on their pants and sweats, and worry and try to live like regular people. Like most of us, they want to keep their jobs and move on. I used to inject a little too Austrian subjectivity In the concept of “interest”. Sometimes politicians get pleasure from hobbies or want to live “normal” lives, because they are like us. Sometimes this leads to Dick Cheney accidentally shooting someone while hunting, but again, politicians are human and they make mistakes.

Aside from the stunningly sexist double standard being applied to Finland’s current prime minister, Sanna Marin, forgive me if I don’t think this is newsworthy, or relevant, or important, or even noteworthy. He has movement. Look, I don’t believe politicians are any more noble or brave or semi-divine than the rest of us. What’s more, if I were running a Western European democracy, I imagine my stress levels would be much higher than they are now. He has the right to let off some steam, live life and relax once in a while. And unlike Dick Cheney’s hobby, no one went to the hospital.

I’ve been caring for a while. It’s another one of those jobs that everyone assumes makes you superhuman and completely selfless. If you don’t take a moment and flip the relax switch, it will eat you alive and you will make bad choices. I tell Finn, leave him alone. Russia is your neighbor and you want your elected leader sharp.

G. Patrick Lynch is a Senior Fellow at Liberty Fund.

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