The Labor Department’s new classification rules could give workers more rights for companies like Uber and DoorDash — if they ever go into effect.

So reads the line below the title of a recent one Vox Rachel M. Cohen’s article is titled “The Coming Fight Over the Gig Economy, Explained,” VoxOctober 12, 2022.

What that line doesn’t even hint at is that if Biden’s rules on gig work prevail, the federal government will disrespect one of people’s most basic rights: the right to choose whether to engage in contract work.

This reminds me of a story Duke University economist Michael Munger likes to tell about his time in Germany. He saw an elderly lady with an empty shopping cart returning to the store and, being the gentleman that he was, tried to take it from her to return and save her trouble. He gets into a fight with the lady until a policeman arrives and explains that when you return your shopping cart, you get back the Euros you put in the slot to get the cart. He saw her as trying to steal from him instead of doing him a favor.

Likewise, millions of workers refuse to recognize their rights, not just to give them to the federal government.

Mike Munger had an excuse: he didn’t know German practice. What is the excuse of the Biden Department of Labor and Vox headline writers?

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