When two great readers get together to talk about books and reading habits, this is a roller-coaster ride of recommendation. And listening to this episode is just the beginning of what you will get. EconTalk host Ross Roberts welcomes Tyler Cowan to the show for readers and readers to celebrate this rolling. How do Roberts and Cowan choose what to read, and how do they actually read it once they have chosen it?

Roberts says late in the conversation that he misses his youth when he would curl up with a good book all day. When is the last time? You Did I do that? (We hope it was recently!) How You Choose, and what books have been added Yours Stacked after listening to this episode? As always, we want to hear from you.

1- What are some “reading rules” that Roberts and Cowan recommend? What about the rules for Acquisition Books? (We’re even hesitant to ask, but in light of his confession about Roberts’ recent move, how do you decide which books Get rid of?)

2- Why does Cowan suggest people re-read the classics (2-5 times !!!)? (He cites Plato, Talkville, and Adam Smith as examples.) How can books be different in the next lesson? Are there any books? You Have you read cover-to-cover more than once? What are they, and why do you re-read? Why do long books (from Tolstoy to Rand to Rowling) seem to have more influence through history?

3- Quinn asks Roberts, “What do you want to tell your audience that you feel? You They may not know how to read a book or how to read it. “

4- Roberts wonders out loud whether we are living in the golden age today or witnessing the death of the book. How? You Response?

5- Are there any books that have changed? Yours Life? What was it (or they) and how?

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