Resilience and Intelligence: The Response to Global Innovation to the Covid-19

Carsten Fink, Ian Menier, Andrew A. Tool, Reinhold Wiegler 13 July 2022

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Carsten Fink, Ian Menier, Andrew A. Tool and Reinhold Wiegler

Part I: Worldwide Impact: Many similarities, some differences

1 How the COVID-19 crisis has affected international intellectual property filing
Kirsten Fink, Ryan Lamb, Bruno Le Fিউvre and Hao Zhou

2 COVID-19 Shock resistance? In the case of US innovation
Walter G. Park, Andrew A. Tool, Gerard Torres and Richard de Miller

3 Impact of COVID-19 epidemic on trademark activity in Canada
Gray Barsky, Alex Lehmann, Diego Santili and Shawn Martineau

4 Analysis of COVID-19 and patent, trademark and industrial design applications in Brazil
Marina Filguiras Jorge, Sergio M. Paulino de Carvalho, Irene von der Weid, Fernando Linhares de Assis, Gustavo Travassos and Vera Pinheiro

5 Effects of the COVID-19 epidemic on patent activity: some evidence from patent filing at the European Patent Office
Bettina Reichel and Mark Nicholas

6 Effects of COVID-19 and Singapore response
William Quake, Zia E Ho, Wei En Thong, Tan Chor Qiang, Muhammad Bin Rahmat and Benjamin Mak

7 COVID-19 effects on innovation in China
Kan Huang and Yurang Zhang

8 COVID-19: Crisis or Opportunity? In the case of South Korean innovation
Wanjun Kim, Daheyun Kim and Taikun Kim

9 Impacts of COVID-19 on Research and Development and Patenting Activities in Japan: Demand Push, Delay in Application and Value of Patent Alternatives
Isamu Yamauchi, Sadao Nagaoka and Daisuke Miyazaki

10 Effects of COVID-19 in Australia
Michael Fock, Hyang Zhang, Brady Dobson-Kiev, Katrina Bruce and Pushpika Wiessinghe

Part II: Responses to Innovative Ecosystems

11 Impact of COVID-19 on SMEs’ investment in digital technology in the EU and US
Julie Delanot, Ilza Rudick and Desir রু Rockert

12 Covid-19 Epidemiological and Academic Research Institute
Kyle and Myers

13 Power of Attention: Early Indications of How COVID-19 Epidemics Affected Scientific Research in Life Sciences
Karin Whistle, Caroline Larchenmুলller, Mark Larchenmুলller and Leo Schmelenbach

14 COVID-19 and clinical trials
Margaret Kyle

15 New mRNA breakthrough technology for vaccines: a lucky shot?
Reinhilde Veugelers

16 Covid and the U.S. Creative Economy: Accelerating Supply, Demand, and the Future
Joel Waldfogel

17 How online spending behavior and the level of violations during lockdowns have changed
UK Intellectual Property Office

18 Effects of COVID-19 on Artistic Income: Evidence from Germany
Alexander Kantz and Matthias Sahli

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