MIB: Kristen Bitterly Michel, Citi Global Wealth

This week, we speak with Kristen Bitterly Michel, head of North American investments at Citi Global Wealth, which manages $800 billion in client assets. Previously, he was Head of Structured Solutions at Citi. Prior to joining Citi, he led structured product sales to Latin American investors at Credit Suisse and provided structured derivatives solutions to private investor clients at JPMorgan.

He leads the investment firm for Citi Global Wealth in North America. His focus includes investment as well as adoption of technology and platform digitalization. He believes that financial advice needs to be frictionless – investors should be able to access everything wherever they are.

He discusses that when something looks too good to be true, it probably is. He explains why when credit spreads between quality and high yield, investors need to pay attention.

Here is a list of his favorite books; A transcript of our conversation is available here later this week.

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