MiB: Dave Nadig, financial forecaster at VettaFi

This week, we speak with ETF industry pioneer Dave Nadig, who currently works as a financial forecaster at data and analytics firm VettaFi. Nadig, who has more than 25 years of experience in the field — as managing editor of ETF.com — co-authored the definitive book on ETFs, “A Comprehensive Guide to Exchange-Traded Funds,” for the CFA Institute.

Nadig explains how his firm sits between financial advisors, wealth managers and investors, providing data, intelligence and insight into their current trends and preferences.

We discuss how the ETF industry has evolved over time, with passive indices at the core. The current trend is towards active ETFs, which account for only a small percentage of total assets but a much larger share of revenue. He also explains how the golden age of the conference industry was in the post-GFC era and must evolve to stay relevant now.

Here is a list of his favorite books; A transcript of our conversation on Tuesday is available here.

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Books by Dave Nadig:

Favorite book by Dave Nadig

Barry mentions the book

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