Kevin Crews, Nancy McLean, Hans-Hermann Hope and Phil Magness on Covid

Its Nick Gillespie because One of the best interviews I’ve ever seen from him, and that’s a fairly high bar. This is my friend and co-author (hopefully on an upcoming journal publication) Phil Magness. Phil is the most productive 40-something in the world I’m interested in.

He found huge problems with Nicole Hannah-Jones 1619 project. He calls out Princeton history professor Kevin Kruse for plagiarism. He finds a huge problem with Nancy McLean’s hatchet job on James Buchanan. He finds some frightening ideas behind the work of Hans-Hermann Hope, which is critical of immigration. And his latest target is Karl Marx.

The interview is long, but I found I could easily follow along and take notes with it at 1.25 pace.

The first few minutes are about Cruise’s theft. Around 8:30 they headed back to Nancy McLean. At about 13:00, they turned to Nicole Hanna-Jones.

They then turn to the sea change in academia that has occurred since I became an assistant professor in 1975.

Some other highlights with estimated times:

28:50: George Mason University’s Department of Economics and Law School as Moneyball.

33:40: Phil’s Wealth vs. Nancy McLean’s.

42:00: Interesting comments on Victor Davies Hanson.

43:45: Ludwig von Mises on migration.

44:00: Hans-Hermann Hope reverses Ms thought. Hoppe is a Habermasian critical theorist and fan of eugenics.

50:30: Fascinating story of Mrs. attending a Keynes lecture in Germany in 1926, a lecture that later led to Keynes’s “The End of Laissez-faire,” and then writing a critique in which she called out Keynes for speaking positively of eugenic theory. Real Nazis in the audience.

54:25: David Hume on Oliver Cromwell. I realize the shortcomings of my Grade 10 correspondence course on British history. Either it wasn’t covered or I missed it entirely or forgot about it.

56:30: Marx was almost nobody until 1917.

1:02:20: No citations of “neo-liberals” before 1990.

1:04:45: NIMBY housing policies are making it really hard for the younger generation.

1:10:00: Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo (who is now Commerce Secretary) has set up illegal border check points.

1:13:50: Neil Ferguson’s extreme lockdown policies begin to be pushed

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