Couy Griffin, president of the Cowboys for Trump and one of three commissioners in Otero County in New Mexico, voted against certifying the results of the 2022 election (including the party primary). The Economist Explained (“Trump’s True Wars and Going to Running America’s Local Elections,” June 26, 2022):

It was not a controversial election. County Clark insisted there was no evidence of fraud, and no candidate questioned the results. Mr. Griffin himself admitted that his implication was not based on any information. Echoing one of Donald Trump’s favorite conspiracy theories, the commissioner said he only got a “gut feeling” that something was wrong with the Dominion voting machine.

The county commission was eventually directed by the state Supreme Court to certify the results. On the same day Mr. Griffin, unlike two other commissioners, disobeyed the order, he was sentenced to two weeks in prison after his previous trial for taking part in the 2021 Capital riots.

I want to be on the record for having nothing against cowboys or anything against American tradition without a few exceptions. But any exception does not support admitting a big lie because of one’s “gut feeling” when one sees something. Fundamental respect and the search for truth are a minimum condition for any rational human endeavor, an idea that must give birth to any teaching of the value of its salt in each individual. Otherwise, we are begging the government for courage, for courage, for courage.


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