Over the years, I’ve been involved in producing many investment conferences. It began with the Big Picture Conference at the New York Athletic Club in 2008-09, shortly after the Great Financial Crisis. I flipped bullish in March 2009, but I have clear memories Jim O’Shaughnessy 50+% of OSAM explains market history after the crash. He was even more enthusiastic than I was, and had the data to back it up.

In 2012, Jim Bianco Bianco Research left a lasting impression with his explanation of the effects of Quantitative Easing (QE). His thesis was that we were still in the early innings of a much longer bull market than people expected, just when many bulls were taking their chips off the table. And of course, he had the data to back it up.

The takeaway from these experiences is that we can find insightful and compelling speakers to share their expertise with an invested audience. It didn’t have to be expensive or exclusive, as long as it was informative and useful. After the launch of RWM in 2013, we tried different formats: the evidence-based investment conference tried to pull some of the absurdities out of the general conference; Resources Stack sees the intersection of technology and asset management.

Then the pandemic struck.

We experienced a huge reset of expectations for business travel and especially the financial crisis. The thought of spending time in cramped conference rooms or heaven forbid giant indoor facilities are all non-starters.

As a group, we always love working with the team behind the huge ETF conference in Florida every year. It was always a spectacular experience for both the participants and the panelists and speakers. What should conferences look like when the world restarts? We started brainstorming with John and Matt and their team. Finally, the concept created a huge outdoor festival that combines not only wealth and investment but also technology and culture and entertainment. Do it with bands and music and information and fun out on the beach! (Javitz Center? F that!)

Instead, we could pull the best bits of Burning Man and Davos together into something that was memorable and experiential and would lead to real gains in professional knowledge. The past few years have been extremely challenging, and we thought it was time to evolve the financial conference.

If this were a general conference, the list of speakers alone would be impressive: Jeff Gundlach and Jeff Sherman of DoubleLine; David Booth and DFA’s Gerard Butler, Calpers CEO Marcy Frost and many others are worth mentioning.

But it’s going to be much more than speakers and panels — it’s going to be an event you don’t want to miss That’s why this year, we’re thrilled to present Future-Proof:

Discount code for Big Picture readers: Get 50% off. Go here, and use the code “ZenZero”, this offer ends soon!

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