A The Wall Street Journal The story illustrates the economics of violence, which UCLA economist Jack Hirscheifer calls “the dark side of power.” Reporting on a rousing speech given by Vladimir Putin, WSJ Mentions one warmongering supporter, an Instagram “military blogger,” who made some inflammatory statements of his own (“As stakes rise at home, Putin takes anti-Western rhetoric to new heights,” Oct. 2, 2022):

Another military blogger, Vladlen Tatarsky, recorded his own video with a different message from the Kremlin

“We will conquer everyone, we will kill everyone, we will loot whoever we need, and everything will be as we like,” he said.

This project has been a frequent feature of human history. Civilization – which can only be classical-liberal civilization, or else it is regimentation – has attempted to replace violence with the ideal of an abstract social order based on voluntary exchange. But there will always be conquerors, murderers and robbers. If they can be bribed into choosing the prosperity of a free society rather than following their tribal instincts, the problem is solved. (This is easier to achieve in a monolithic society where institutions are available to obtain consent.) When that doesn’t work, fighting them or getting ready to fight them is the only solution, although the defense of liberal civilization imposes some serious limitations. method used. Of course, the nuclear age also requires a certain discretion.

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