Concomitant trials of ivermectin are not all together

However, A careful read NEJM Articles Finds it Not nearly as much The final And as persuasive Two doctors Quotes And other media coverage Will Leadership Us Faith. In fact, bBecause tHe indicated that the results of the trial together Ivermectin Actually Did Benefit the Brazilians in the medical groupThe result is that Agreement with 87% The Other clinical trials That tested Ivermectin-tThere are still good reasons to continue drug studies here As a potential preventative or treatment For COVID-19.

This is Charles L. Hooper and David R. One of Henderson’s first paragraphs, “Ivermectin and Judgment Together,” Regulation, Summer 2022.

One of the many problems in the study:

Furthermore, ivermectin is widely available in Brazil as an over-the-counter drug – in contrast to most clinical trials, where the drug under study is only available through trial. Potential participants who wanted ivermectin because they believed they had COVID could take it on their own and thus they would refuse to enroll in a trial where they faced a 50 percent chance of getting a placebo. Further, those who wanted ivermectin may have serious cases of covid; So is their desire for drugs. Therefore, we can assume that trial participants leaned towards those who considered themselves less at risk of illness. This conflicts with the stated goal of the trial to study high-risk patients.

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