Axios misrepresents Malpass’ view of global warming’s Hans Nichols wrote:

Administration officials were deeply concerned by Malpas’ failure to answer this week when asked whether climate change is caused by humans.

Malpass is David Malpass, currently president of the World Bank.

I am in favor of firing David Malpass; I am in favor of abolishing the World Bank. But I also believe in telling the truth, and that’s a big difference between me and Hans Nicholls.

You would think, based on Nicholls’ statement above, that Malpass was asked if climate change was caused by humans. He wasn’t. To figure out the real question, I had to turn to Valerie Volcovici and Kate Abnett, “World Bank’s Malpass Called to Resign After Climate Change Doubts,” ReutersSeptember 22, 2022. Here is what they wrote:

Malpass appeared at an event hosted by the New York Times during Climate Week in New York City on Tuesday and was asked if he believes “man-made fossil fuels are rapidly and dangerously warming the planet.” Malpass initially tried to avoid the question but later said: “I don’t know either. I’m not a scientist.”

You can believe that humans are causing global warming without believing that it is “rapidly and dangerously warming the planet.” Indeed, as Steven Kunin points out, there is little basis for this latter belief.

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