From many people’s favorite segment Atlas shrugged me too (See here and here.) But there are many small parts that I particularly like.

Here’s one on child labor (page 92 of the paperback.)

Francisco D’Anconia, at age 12, hid from Mrs. Taggart (Dagon’s mother) that he was working at Taggart Transcontinental for the summer. Mrs. Taggart finally managed to catch him. Here is the dialogue:

“Francisco,” he [Mrs. Taggart] “What would your father say if he knew?” he asked as he brought her home.

“My father used to ask if I was good at my job. That’s all he wants to know.”

“Come on, I’m serious.”

Franciso was looking at him politely, his modest manner suggesting a century of reproduction and drawing room; But something in his eyes made her feel unsure of politeness. “Last winter,” he replied, “I was cabin boy on a cargo steamer that carried D’Anconia copper. My father had been looking for me for three months but that was all he asked when I returned.

I read first Atlas shrugged A few days after my 17th birthday and into my early second decade I had several jobs. This is not exciting, of course and not all the time. But still, I relate.

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