At first they came for the Communists. . .

I often meet conservatives who defend nationalist regimes as good for business. The next time I meet someone, I’ll be sure to ask how business is doing in Russia these days.

Bloomberg There is a good article on how Hindu nationalists are launching India’s most successful technology companies:

For the growing number of Hindu nationalists, home-made technology companies are not national champions but enemies among them: agents of global culture are keen to eradicate traditional values ​​by allowing women to work instead of staying at home to have children (Infosys boasts that 39% of its employees are women). ; Where people are promoted on the basis of merit rather than being limited to their caste identity; And where cities expand at the expense of villages. . . .

The founders of Infosys are now not only billionaires themselves but also godfathers of the next generation of Indian technology, taking young entrepreneurs under their wing and investing in dynamic new companies. But for all this, both they and their families are no longer free from the globalized anti-globalization forces. And the general business environment in India is getting colder, private investment is declining and the economy is slowing down before Kovid hits.

I suspect that Hindu nationalists are right that companies like Infosys are “agents of a global culture to dissolve traditional values”. What sets me apart from them is that I believe that the abolition of caste and patriarchy is a good thing.

PS Here Another perspective:

All stable, fast-freezing relationships, with their ancient and revered superstitions and train of opinion, have vanished, all newly-formed relationships have become obsolete before they have settled. Everything that is strong melts in the air, everything that is sacred is defiled, and man is finally forced to face the realities of his life and the sensitive feelings of his relationship with it. The need for a constantly expanding market for its products haunts the bourgeoisie all over the world.

Let’s hope this is correct.

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