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Argument Magazine Colorado’s Jared Polis has made a strong case for being America’s most liberal governor:

The 46-year-old governor is presiding over one of the country’s fastest-growing states and a place with the lowest death toll from the epidemic. He backed away from his own party members for removing the mask mandate, and he consistently argued that public health decisions should be made at the local level as much as possible. Last fall, at a conference hosted by the Conservative Steamboat Institute, he declared that the state’s income tax rate should be “zero” and supported ballot initiatives that have reduced rates. Police have embraced professional licensing reform, and in 2014 Sen. Joe Manchin (D – W.Va.) called on then-Federal Reserve Chief Janet Yellen to ban it, and he was outspoken about bitcoin. . . .

Openly gay, the couple’s married father recently signed a free-range parenting bill that effectively re-legitimizes Colorado childhood that he recalls as the son of two former hippie parents: Police said at the signing ceremony. “This will help reduce false reports so that … we can focus on serious and practical examples of child abuse.”

According to the reason, the police are:

1. Pro-choice for abortion.

2. Speech on social media is fiercely opposed to government control.

3. Opposes President Biden’s restrictive policy on trade and immigration.

4. Strongly supportive of school choice.

Because the article does not mention drug law, it is a strong supporter of police pot legalization. (Remember that Colorado was the first state to legalize the vessel.) Another article mentioned that he threatened to veto. Measure rent control.

The police are not libertarians, they are democrats. But because of the mix of his policy views, he could be the most liberal governor since Gary Johnson.

It is interesting to note that the Rocky Mountain States (plus Alaska) often appear to be more liberal than other states. I wonder why?

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