Coming out of the COVID-19 epidemic, we have seen an alarming increase in the proposed scope of practice expansion.

The American Medical Association is relentless in opposing this expansion on your behalf to ensure patient safety at every turn. We are committed to ensuring that patient care is conducted by highly trained physicians.

“We have some important opportunities to win in practice in 2022, with much more ahead:

“Colorado and South Dakota have repealed the law, allowing medical assistants to practice independently without physician supervision.

“The bills that would expand APRN’s practice in Wisconsin, Tennessee, Mississippi and Kentucky were defeated.

“Attempts to expand all facilities in Washington have failed, and Alabama has defeated multiple bills, including one that would allow ophthalmologists to perform surgery.

“Maryland has returned multiple bills in an effort to expand opportunities for physician assistants, clinical nurse specialists and pediatricians.

“You can be sure that the AMA is on your back এবং and we will continue to fight for patient safety and quality care while resisting the unreasonable opportunity to expand the practice.

Thank you for standing with us.

Gerald E. Harmon, MD


American Medical Association

The above is a note for physicians from the American Medical Association. Notice the partial confession of intent in the first part of the sentence: “The American Medical Association is adamant to oppose this expansion. On your behalf To ensure patient safety at every turn. ” (Added italics)

Hormone does not explain why this would ensure patient safety. It may be true that a patient with a doctor in charge will be safer than a doctor who is not in charge. But what Dr. Harmon has not addressed is that because of the high rate of competition, some people will not only go to nurses but also to medical professionals.

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