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Residents and government officials may agree that parking in downtown areas is often low, but that doesn’t mean that the First Church of Christ Scientist on Lincoln Street can charge the public to park in its huge, less-used space.

Last month, orange “public parking” signs appeared on three street pillars in front of the lot, with signs across all lots telling parkers how to pay for their spots using the Air Garage app.

But according to planning director Brandon Swanson, no one from the church asked permission to operate a paid parking lot near the city. He first learns about the operation when a resident sends him pictures of the symptoms.

“No permission,” he concluded after reading the single-family-residential zoning rules, which are church property.

“The zoning district still does not allow commercial parking,” Swanson said May 21. “We have contacted and they will be closed.”

It comes from Mary Schlie, “City puts kibosh on Christian Scientist Parking plan,” Caramel pine conesVolume 108, No. 22, June 3-9, 2022.

If you want to see caramel in almost any season, you will notice how difficult it is to find parking. This church was a partial solution but the government knows better.

I remember in the 1960s when Ayn Rand, in his Objectivist newsletter, had a section called “From the Horror File”. It often highlights the inhumane remarks of various intellectuals and the irrational regulations of the government which prevent people from doing better to each other. The above is an example of the latter. I will give another example soon, not exactly of a rule, but of an anti-life (literally) policy.

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