6% of Americans are awake extremists

Will Stencil has one Long Twitter thread That at least indirectly protects wokism. This is a strange kind of defense, however, because he does not actually critically evaluate the ideas that are awake, but rather he makes two points.

1. Since awakened individuals often challenge the privileged position of white men in our society, white men may have hidden biases that prevent them from evaluating waking ideas fairly.

2. In the experience of stencils, almost all opposition to awakened ideas comes from white men.

Stencil doesn’t seem to be trying to transform anyone, because he’s employing the kind of vigilant reasoning process that non-Oak finds very annoying. He says I can be wrong because of my white male bias. That is, he uses the awakening-style argument to attack the opposition to Wakizism:

And that is why I struggle to see the critique of “awakening” (or “culture abolition” or “political correctness”) as legitimate, especially from a white man: society is almost entirely to accept these particular biases in order to legitimize and justify them. Has been created. And scatter them.

To me, point # 1 above seems obviously true. I can be wrong about waking up because people who are awake attack the comfortable position of white men like me. Yes, that’s right. I may be wrong. Now tell me why I’m wrong. Or at least present some evidence. After all, I have a lot of political views that usually do not work for me.

Instead, the stencil uses a strange kind of “appeal for lack of authority”. While gaining knowledge, the attack of intellectuals started Appeal to the authorities, And has tried to substitute doctrine by reasoning (not always successfully.) Awakening seems to seek to replace the often (often flawed) cause that appeals to the views of the powerless, the poor. They suggest that we should trust them because they are oppressed. But people who stay awake in America are not usually disappointed. I have met almost everyone in the middle class or upper class to express the awakened ideas.

Point # 2 above may seem to provide the least underlying evidence of white male bias. But the stencil claims that the opposition to raising the bar is a white male thing is simply wrong. Almost everyone I know is against extreme awakening. And I live in Orange County, where only 20% are white men.

So who is living in the wise bubble – stencil or me?

Here are some recent ones The result of the vote:

[O]Only 6% of respondents supported schools for granting “privileged” status to white students and “oppressed” for non-white students – vs. 88% opposed, of which 78% strongly opposed.

It’s just the kind of extravagant extra that most of us complain about. Here’s another:

When asked if teachers should present students with multiple perspectives on controversial political and social issues, 87% agree, 6% who believe that teachers should present a perspective that the school believes is right.

The reluctance to entertain ideas that are not awake is exactly the kind of void culture that most of us complain about.

My guess is that a lot of people in universities, elite media companies, and corporate HR departments live in a kind of bubble and have no idea that their views are considered at least 90% irrational in the country.

Neutrality polls show more than 6% support for some of the less controversial views of progressives on race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. But when people like me complain about waking up, we have two things in mind – too much focus on identity and too much void culture. That’s it. Unfortunately, progressives who think they’ve woken up have at times gone too far (like Matt Iglesias), as well as liberals like me, involved with extreme right wingers who actually have a terrible view of race and gender. This is similar to the 1930s, when anti-communists included both intelligent liberals and fascists.

PS Matt Iglesias is an example of how the opposition to waking up comes from people who are not white men – from “people of color”. You may answer, “Oh, come on, Iglesias is basically a white man.” But he’s a Hispanic, and sorry to wake up. . . A latinx and it is part of the problem of identity politics (unscientific) insistence that gender identity is engraved in fluid and ethnic identity in stone.

PPS. I sometimes think that the awakening movement is secretly funded by a right-wing billionaire, because it is driving millions of Hispanic and Asian voters to the GOP. “It simply came to our notice then. All right, then we’re white. “

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