1978 Porsche 911SC (Modified) – Large Image

One of the most popular car trends lately is retro-modding. This can go either way: Take a modern car and make it look like a retro classic — see the late 2000s Ford Mustang or the new Bronco as examples.

But another way to go is to take an old car and modernize it. Perhaps the most outrageous approach to it is by Singer — for example, check out this gorgeous baby blue 1989 Porsche 964 Carrera 4 Coupe, which bid up to $950k.

In the late 1970s it was thought that the 911 might be the end of the breed (look at it 1978 Car and Driver). Can be hard to drive (especially the turbo). But they were light, relatively fast, and in the hands of a skilled driver, very rewarding. They weighed but 2315 pounds combined with a 172 hp flat-6 would propel the little coupe to 60mph in 6.3 seconds. The 1978 engines were so powerful that 300,000 miles was not an unusual milestone.

Singers are money-is-no-object bonkers, but a slightly more reasonable version of that can be found in the 1978 Porsche 911SC seen below, which sold for a reasonable (at least by comparison) $166,500.

I mentioned my Retro-Mod EV project last month; I think I got a donor car with good paint, but a poor interior and a rebuilt, overly boring engine that should bring a few bucks down on the total cost. All in all, we’re seeing what a brand new 911 would cost.

Source: Bring A Trailer

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