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Weekend here! Pour yourself a mug of Danish blended coffee, sit on the beach and get ready for our long weekend:

A Young, rich, anti-capitalist: “I sometimes joke that there are many more socialists who need financial advisers than socialist financial advisers.” (Vox)

A Incompetent market hypothesis: 25 examples that disprove Samuelson and Fama. I personally think there is much more to this market thing than the net current value of future cash flows and markets certainly do not seem to be able to digest new information efficiently. Meet CAPM, CAP MEME. (Young money)

A A bird of a lifetime: Birding saves one’s life. Maybe it could save the rest of us from climate change? (Edge)

A A brutal test: Russian military capability in light of the Ukraine war The poor performance of Russia’s armed forces in Ukraine has taken military analysts by surprise. Deficiencies include logistics, poor equipment and morale, sophisticated communications, and random command and control, as well as poor performance of the Russian space force, air defense, and cruise and ballistic missiles. The main contributing factors are willful political thinking, over-reliance on secret doctrines and local corruption. (Routledge)

A 14 Warning signs that you are living in a society without a counterculture A sad story told entirely in tweets (Ted Geoia)

A This man is bitten by a terrible snake in the name of science A partnership between an immunologist and a former truck mechanic who protects snakes is trying to find a medicinal holy grail: a universal anti-venom. This is a serious risky business. (National Geographic)

A Temporal balancing The relentless, futile effort to fix the circadian rhythm with technology. (Real life)

A The genocide in Christchurch, New Zealand was one of the deadliest massacres in the world. Here’s the next thing. New Zealand has a gun lobby. It also banned a gun buy-back program and semi-automatic weapons. (Grid) See more America’s first modern mass shooting is not really over The 1966 University of Texas Tower shooting is shrouded in myth, including the myth of “the good guy with the gun.” It leaves much to be desired by many Americans – and not our leaders, our policies, and ourselves. (Texas Tribune)

A One study found cash and therapy for men at risk of criminal behavior. 10 years later, the results came. Liberia has found a surprisingly effective way to reduce violent crime. The United States is now conducting a similar test. (Vox)

A Why Fangirls Scream: From Bobby-Soxar to Beatlemania to Bieber Fever — We all know what a screaming fangirl looks like. But do we really know why he is screaming? (Atlantic)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Dan Chung, CEO and Chief Investment Officer of Alzar Management, which manages $ 35.3 billion in client assets. After graduating from Harvard Law Review, he served as Law Clerk for the Honorable Justice Anthony M. Kennedy of the United States Supreme Court. On September 11, the firm lost 35 people, including its CEO, and donated the Alger 35 ETF in their memory.

The American epidemic of gun violence, in one chart

Source: Vox

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