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My mid-week morning the train WFH reads:

The Fed’s past crisis holds the secret to dealing with future recessions: The US central bank has made mistakes before and learned from the experience. Now to do it again. (Bloomberg)

When data fails: One of the most common ways data fails is when it only describes a subset of what you’re actually trying to analyze When we only look at part of our data, we can draw the wrong conclusions. One area where this is common is to examine the mean rather than the distribution. (dollars and data) see more The Quantify-Everything Economy: Data can enrich our lives, but let’s not forget that humans are not machines. (New York Times)

The Case for High-Skill Immigration Reform (and How to Make It Happen): Immigration America’s Superpower. According to research by William Kerr at Harvard, between 2000 and 2010, America received more immigrant inventors than any other country. (nohpinion)

Silicon Valley’s boy bosses are on the way out: They rode their unicorns to fame and fortune. In a rocky market, it got a little less fun. (New York Times)

work from office: The office is where young professionals bond with mentors, colleagues and peers. In short: put on a shirt and go to the office. (No mercy / No malice)

A secret to Lululemon’s success? Men who are obsessed with its pants: As non-iron dress shirts men tend to crowd around clothing items like cutting corners. Inside Lululemon’s Menswear Revolution (Wall Street Journal)

Startups that grow quickly can be just as difficult to shrink: After years of easy money, companies are scaling back and finding that there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it. (Business Week)

How has the fight with climate change become a partisan issue? Twenty years ago, Senator John McCain tried to lead an effort. What happened to the Republicans since then? (The New Yorker)

Liz Cheney, Republican The State of Reality: He is not actually fighting to retain his seat in Congress. He is running against Donald Trump. (Atlantic) see more Liz Cheney’s political career may be ending – and just beginning: Cheney is looking far beyond Tuesday’s Republican primary for the state’s at-large seat in the U.S. House, a race he lost. (Washington Post)

When Little Leaguers set the example for adults: An extraordinary embrace between opposites becomes a viral moment in a sweltering summer (Wall Street Journal)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Ken Tropin, chairman and founder of Graham Capital Management, a multi-strategy quantitative hedge fund managing $17.2 billion. Previously, he was at hedge fund John W. Was president and CEO of Henry & Company, working with legendary businessmen such as John Henry and Paul Tudor Jones.

By 2050, most of the United States will be in the ‘Extreme Heat Belt’

Source: Bloomberg

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