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My mid-week morning the train WFH reads:

Exporting problems from China: Many companies in the US and other countries are considering relocating. Easier said than done. Investors may lose collateral. (CIO)

US chip ‘nicap’ ban on China’s tech industry: The toughest export ban yet has cut off AI hardware and chip-making equipment vital to China’s commercial and military ambitions. (of wire) see more Xi Jinping, forever: China has tied itself to…this middle man. (nohpinion)

Bigger Markets Capitulate, The Better to Rebound: Fund managers are giving up all hope, and that’s a good thing. Plus: Netflix ( NFLX ) has found its mojo again. (Bloomberg)

Scientists have cracked the code to fast charging electric cars: Penn State University researchers published a study in Nature showing that they have developed an EV battery that, crucially, can charge up to about 70% capacity in about 10 minutes (time).

How Gamers Beat NFTs: Video game fans have largely defeated efforts to include blockchain tokens in new releases, a rare victory against the industry’s efforts to extract more money from its customers. (Business Week)

Where architects go to test their worst ideas: An island shaped like a dolphin. An oil rig repurposed for bungee jumping. Architects brought the ‘bunker’ concept to Saudi Arabia. (Wall Street Journal)

How bad are Elon Musk’s latest Twitter shenanigans? Introducing Elon Musk Shenanigans Watch. (slate)

How California’s Bullet Train Derailed America’s first experiment with high-speed rail has turned into a multibillion-dollar nightmare. Political compromises have made a project so expensive that almost no one knows how it can be built as originally envisioned. (New York Times)

London’s Natural History Museum: Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition Winners: The museum said in a release that an international panel of experts selected the 19 finalists from more than 38,000 entries from nearly 100 countries based on their “originality, narrative, technical excellence and ethical practices.” Then, they awarded two of those winners — one in each age category — the top prize. (NPR)

NBA Power Rankings: Warriors No. 1; Question and what is the choice for all 30 teams: An offseason of drama, noise and pure madness in training camp and the preseason portion of the calendar. (athletic)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business this week with Tom Rampulla, Managing Director of Vanguard’s Financial Advisory Services division since 2002. He manages businesses that provide investment, services, education and research to more than 1,000 financial advisory firms. $3 trillion in assets.

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