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A The Day Trader Army loses all money made in the meme-stock era The ‘Diamond Hands’ mentality fuels shopping and now facing the test from the crowd can point to the downside of the Capitulation Market. (Bloomberg) See more Attitude adjustment Even in the private market we find this attitude consistent. The unicorns are being gel, the reins are being pulled, their horns have been sprinkled with a croquet mallet. F *** you, I’m not judging by the number of people in the world who can pay you 8 8 per month in 2027.. (Reform brokers)

A Spotify shares are now selling for less than the IPO price 4 years ago I revisit my past predictions about this company and create something new (Ted Geoia)

A AQR restores his mojo when Tiger is unconscious The hedge fund has seen a violent change in the fortunes of two of the biggest players in the industry lately (Financial times) See more Chris Hoon is a hedge fund manager like no other Founder of TCI Fund Management and 2022 Hedge Fund Lifetime Achievement has distinguished itself by its philanthropy, activism – and an enviable track record. (Institutional Investors)

A Air-ambulance vultures Why a search for দাম 86,184 on my flight leads to a hidden criminal: personal equity. (New York Magazine)

A The fossil fuel industry has a trillion dollars’ worth of secret weapons for climate action International trade agreements open the door to demands that could slow the progress of climate change. (Grid) But look The influence of e-bikes is transforming New York City With the advent of the next generation of pedal-assisted city bikes, the popularity of electric two-wheelers has reshaped the city’s transportation future. (Citylab)

A Tesla autopilot calls US alarm ‘disaster awaits’ Regulators are examining Tesla’s driver-support system more closely than ever before, pointing to potential crackdowns that could alert investors and consumers. (Hyperdrive)

A Apple, Google, and Microsoft will soon implement passwordless sign-in on all major platforms.: Technology giants want to launch FIDO Paski technology next year (The Verge) See more Scammers snatch expired domains, annoying Google What Google is doing wrong about expired domains. (TechCrunch)

A Microplastics are in our bodies. How much do they harm us? Science is unstable, but researchers say there are reasons for concern. (National Geographic)

A The drone has transformed the blood supply in Rwanda Autonomous aircraft have brought blood to rural, hilly areas year after year. A new analysis proves that they are faster than driving. (Wire) See more Tell your doctor about this pill if you do not take it. But who is it really for? The first drug with an embedded chip – an “ingestible event marker” or IEM, which sends a signal when reacting with stomach acid. This signal is selected by users wearing a patch, which connects to a smartphone app via Bluetooth that can also measure users’ steps and rest, and allows users to record their self-reported moods or reasons for not taking medication. (Slate)

A 25 years ago, Bruce Willis made the most divisive sci-fi movie ever: Whether you think it’s one of the best sci-fi movies of all time or one of the worst, you’ll never forget it. (Reverse)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend Alex Guerreich Hon Te Advisors, a prudent global macro hedge fund. Previously, Guerwich ran the JP Morgans macro book. In 2020, Hon Te ranked 2nd in net returns, and a top 10 emerging manager. He is its author Next Perfect Trade And most recently, March 2020 Trades.


There is an inverse relationship between S&P 500 forward P / E and the 10-year US Treasury bond yield since 2014.

Source: Yardney Research


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