Inflation has risen everywhere, but how much depends on where you live: The Northeast is not feeling the pain like the South or the Mountain West. This could have political ramifications in the 2022 midterms. (Business Week) see more Why is rent inflation so high? This is the latest chapter in “everything is weird” economics. (Atlantic)

The biggest event in life that no one talks about: Graduation, first job, marriage, children, divorce, becoming grandparents, death of spouse. These are major life events that get a lot of attention. We throw parties, showers, weddings and funerals to mark these milestones, formalize them with legal documents, write articles, how-tos and self-help books about them. The rhythm of our lives and our society revolves around them. But there is one very important event in life that receives less attention: it is retirement. (bell curve)

After 2,240% run, Tesla Visionary UK fund quits bleeding money: Some inside the company saw him as a mad genius. Now, Bailey Gifford is trying to adjust to life after James Anderson. (Bloomberg) see more MIB: James Anderson, Bailey Gifford: James Anderson declares the fund management business ‘irreversibly broken’, observing “fund managers are addicted to the near-obscene lure of earnings reports and macroeconomic headlines.” (large image)

Investors are turning away from Vanguard’s best funds: The company is shedding actively managed fund assets. (Sunset)

Investing in flow: Residential real estate must deal with the changing dynamics of the world. And yet virtually no aspect of the modern housing market is prepared for this change. And so, we’re excited to partner with Adam Newman and his colleagues on Flow, which strikes directly at this problem. (Andreesen Horowitz) see more The VC-fueled comeback of WeWork founder Adam Newman: The mercurial entrepreneur promises that his new start-up could disrupt the property industry. Andreessen Horowitz Bets He’s Right (Financial Times)

Bulls pump up Pebble Beach auto auction to record $469 million: Impressive Cars and Unprecedented Amounts Seen at World’s Most Prestigious Collectible Car Show (Bloomberg)

Google search is silently harming democracy: A series of incremental changes over the years have transformed the tool from an exploratory search function to one amenable to cheating. (of wire) But look Big Tech braces for “Big Lie” in 2022 midterms: In 2020, tech firms were caught flat-footed by a deluge of confusion aimed at validating election processes and results. Now, amid intense regulatory scrutiny, they are trying to repeat (Axios)

“War of Peace” of Prohibition: Economic Weapons: The Rise of Sanctions as a Tool of Modern Warfare. (Los Angeles Review of Books)

Over time, some stars get uncomfortably close to the Sun: Several stars have given us cosmically close shaves in the recent past. (Syfy Wire) see more Impact craters may be the baby cousins ​​of dinosaur killers: When an asteroid hit what is now the Gulf of Mexico 66 million years ago, wiping out the dinosaurs, did it have a companion? (BBC)

Human history gets a rewrite: A brilliant new account supports bedrock estimates of about 30,000 years of change (Atlantic)

Back to work barometer: Castle to identify trends in how Americans are returning to the office

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