Rising bond yields change the calculus for stocks: Whether markets recover from their recent selloff depends on what happens at the Fed meeting. (Wall Street Journal) see more Municipal bonds suddenly look cheap. Some tax traps. Investors are bailing out of municipal bond funds at a record pace, but bargain hunters should beware of some potential pitfalls. (Wall Street Journal)

Interest rates are up, so why are bank stocks falling? Bank deposits fell by nearly $370 billion in the second quarter — the biggest decline in 20 years — as inflation picked up. (Chief Investment Officer)

‘Poison’ Ivy Gelman—the analyst who predicted the 2008 housing bust—sees US home prices falling in both 2023 and 2024. how much here: When Toll Brothers CEO Bob Toll tried to say the housing market had bottomed out in 2006, Gelman famously quipped, “What Kool-Aid are you drinking, because I want some.” Fast-forward to 2022, and Zelman is sweating housing bulls again. (luck) see more The current state of the housing market: This is a market overview (calculated risk) for mid-September.

Some WFH employees have a secret: they now live in another country: As the pressure to return to the office mounts, some employees are struggling to hide the fact that they now live abroad. “It’s pretty hard to keep up the facade all the time,” said one person. (vice)

Scams are showing up at the top of online searches Searchers, beware: That Google, Bing or DuckDuckGo ads may be ‘malvertising’ — phishing campaigns and malware lurking behind legitimate-looking links (Washington Post) see more It sounds too good to be true: How would you like to buy a Rolex — brand new, with papers and box — for MSRP? They account for about 30-40% of what is transacted online today. (large image)

No, the US has not outsourced our carbon emissions to China Dispelling a common myth. (nohpinion)

How Patagonia’s ownership bombshell changes the game for American business: Forget capitalism or some tax scheme. Patagonia has removed the goalposts based on our expectations of what companies can do to combat climate change. (fast company) see more Earth is now our only shareholder. Yvonne Chouinard: If we have any hope of a prosperous planet—much less business—it’s going to involve all of us doing the best we can with the resources we have. This is what we can do. (Patagonia)

I went to trash school: A lesson in “juice,” how to protect your shins, and keep 12,000 tons of trash daily at bay. (prohibition)

Life on Mars? This could be the place NASA’s rover helps us find it. The rocks collected by Perseverance are full of organic molecules, and they formed a lake that would have been habitable billions of years ago. (New York Times) see more NASA’s Perseverance rover investigates the geologically rich Martian terrain: “This combination gives us a rich understanding of the geologic history after cratering and a diverse sample suite. For example, we found a sandstone that carries grains and rock fragments made far from the Jezero crater—and a mudstone that contains interesting organic compounds.” (NASA)

Mar-a-Lago: Lax Security for Trump’s Alternative ‘White House’ – Imagined The former president’s Florida estate has a history of security breaches, from US military plans to a makeshift ‘situation room’ seen in front of paying guests. (parent)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business this week with Albert Wenger, Managing Partner at Union Square Ventures. He co-founded 5 companies; was president of del.icio.us through the company’s sale to Yahoo; Angel investors Etsy + Tumblr. Wenger is the author of World After Capital, Narrating the transition to a knowledge age + its implications for business and society.

Most pros can’t beat the market: Only 3 out of 20 years have most pros bested their benchmark

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