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Why stocks took a July vacation from fundamentals: A depressed economy was a setback for technical and relative valuations. There is much to be said for how long inflation lasts. (Bloomberg) see more Three things to keep in mind when earnings expectations drop: Estimates for S&P 500 earnings in 2022 now stand at $227.77 per share as of July 28, according to FactSet. That’s down 0.8% from estimates of $229.63 per share as of June 30. For 2023, analysts expect EPS of $245.61, down 2.0% from the $250.59 estimate as of June 30. (TKer)

The ‘dark side’ of retailing: Liquidation warehouses are busy as inventory piles up: Consumers are buying less discretionary goods and returning more. To clear their shelves, retailers are selling at steep discounts to liquidators. (New York Times)

Job changers are earning much more than those who stay Even if you’re happy in your job, getting a new job for a higher salary is a good strategy because inflation eats into paychecks. (Wall Street Journal) see more Calling in sick or going on vacation, workers aren’t showing up this summer Employers are struggling to staff as high Covid-19 infection rates, chronic labor shortages and the holiday season combine. (Wall Street Journal)

Black Knight Mortgage Monitor: “Record-Setting Slowdown in Home Price Growth” June marked the biggest drop in home price growth on record, and coincided with the largest single-month gain in homes listed for sale this month in 12 years. (calculated risk)

Made-in-Vietnam electric vehicles are heading to the US market VinFast is the latest startup to test American EV demand—and with a novel pricing strategy (Wall Street Journal) see more Inside Ferrari plans to enter the electric-car market The luxury sports-car company aims to start selling a fully electric car in 2025. Can it do that and still be a Ferrari? (Wall Street Journal)

World food shortages are getting worse. This company has the solution. Stepping into the breach are agricultural equipment, seed and fertilizer companies hoping to boost food production. Like vaccine makers Pfizer and Moderna, they could ease the transition from a global crisis—helping to get more food from less land—and boost their profits at the same time. (Baron’s)

‘Holy s–t’: Surprise Senate deal sets stage for record climate change package: An aggressive effort to influence Sen. Joe Manchin has managed to salvage a package that its authors say will help curb greenhouse gases. (politics) see more Manchin and Schumer’s Amazing Climate Deal: If passed, the energy provisions in the senators’ new bill would represent the most significant climate action in a generation. (Atlantic) see more A two-week fiasco that saved Democrats’ climate agenda Inside the private negotiations and public pressure that led to a deal between Joe Manchin and Charles Schumer. (Washington Post)

It’s time to put real veggies back into veggie burgers Sure, fake-meat companies can make a veggie burger that bleeds. But veggie burgers should be — and historically have been — so much more. (eater)

Octopus dreams of crabs What do we know about how animals think, see and feel? And should we change the way we treat them? (slate) see more Beavers are heat wave heroes Animals don’t have AC. But they have beavers. (Vox)

Welcome to Chicago, Hot Dog Town, USA, don’t even think about asking for ketchup. The Chicago dog has a special place in the heart of the city: a humble, affordable food that can be enjoyed by anyone, across cultures, creeds and instincts. With French fries, it’s lunch; On its own, a snack. A source of civic pride, the Chicago-style hot dog is an affair for many people. (New York Times)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Hannah Elliott, who covers all things automotive for Bloomberg. We discuss today’s wild car market, motorcycles going electric, LA car culture, vehicles competing with Tesla and his favorite hypercars, and why you should take the $10,000 Ferrari track course.


Is 2022H1 GDP Decline…Fake?

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