My two-for-Tuesday morning WFH Train falls:

A So you have decided to bang the flexible work plan of your company People had been working from home for more than two years. They want to find their rhythm. The individual parties decided how and when they would be present together. No number of Taco Tuesdays were going to bring people to the office unless there was a good, sensible reason to be there. (Culture Study) See more Big city workers can’t get back to the office Occupancy is low, especially in cities like New York, where workers are the engine of the local economy. (Wall Street Journal)

A Top CEOs: 24 game-changing corporate leaders praised Focus investors across now did not have to choose the best stock or even the most acclaimed company to buy. It was about identifying CEOs whose recent activities have made their companies stronger and more competitive. We found two dozen standouts. (Baron)

A Home sellers are reducing prices due to the sudden cessation of the epidemic boom: Rapid rise in mortgage rates is cooling demand, pushing markets from coast to coast. (Bloomberg) See more The roaring U.S. rental market shows early signs of slowing One-bedroom rents have dropped month-on-month in previously hot cities like Miami, San Diego, Fort Lauderdale and Nashville. (Bloomberg)

A Bullshit on investment: The investment industry is rife with filth. The most common and deceptive form is over-optimism: unpleasant risk / reward offers that deny any notion of reality, often based on misinformation or deception. Less common but more dangerous is direct fraud. (Nohpinion)

A Even Basra is joining the great resignation: New data shows growing number of managers resigning (Vox) See more “Great resignation” in terms of: The jobless rate has reached unprecedented levels since December 2000. Called the “Great Resignation,” quitting rates cannot be explained by the rigidity of the labor market alone. Are workers taking on new jobs or leaving the workforce altogether? (US Bureau of Labor Statistics)

A Adapting to endurance: We believe this is a crucible moment, which will present challenges and opportunities for many of you. First and foremost, we must recognize the changed environment and change our mindset to respond with intent instead of regret. We can advise you on how to prepare and move on. (Fate)

A Forget Apocalypse, let’s talk about what happened to the music: Why music doesn’t sound like a song anymore. (Eudymonia) See more Why music has lost its appeal: There is no doubt that corporations have stifled creativity. (Inc.)

A Why local officials are facing increasing harassment and threats Anger over the Covid system and a polarized political landscape have provoked attacks on the mayor and other local officials, especially women and people of color. (Citylab)

A Rebel clubhouse: Former Trump aides find a home in a little-known MAGA hub About two dozen accused members of the Jan. 6 conspiracy are linked to a Capitol Hill address. (Grid) See more January 6 reveals two identities of the Secret Service: Guti Hero vs. Trump Yes-Man The testimony of Cassidy Hutchinson, a former White House aide, sheds light on the agents responsible for protecting then-President Trump. (Washington Post)

A ‘You’re looking for a lack of fluff’: Why Wimbledon uses 55,000 tennis balls a year In the space of two weeks, Wimbledon goes through 55,000 balls, of which 1,700 are delivered to practice court every day in unopened cans. Andy Chevalier, Wimbledon’s ball distribution manager, said: “We’ve got a store that was absolutely blown away at the start of the tournament, and now with one week left, it looks like all the balls are gone” with 58,000 balls. (Los Angeles Times)

Don’t forget to check out our Masters in Business interview with Spencer Jacob, editor and author of The Hard On the Street column in the Wall Street Journal last weekend. In front of the tape Column He began his career as an analyst at Credit Suisse, where he eventually became director of emerging market equity research. He is the author of “That wasn’t the revolution: Gamestop, Reddit and the flirting of small investors


Led by China and Europe, global electric vehicle sales have doubled in 2021

Source: Statesman


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