My two-for-Tuesday morning the train WFH reads:

Regulators lament Lessons from Nobelist Ben Bernanke. (Inherent value by Roger Lowenstein) see more Fixing Bank Run (Selection) Wins Nobel Prize: Have we really figured it out though? (Financial Times Alphaville)

The final act of US Cannabis: A Curtain Call 2022 promises some plot twists.: Joe Biden shocked the world when he announced he was going to fast-track a federal schedule review of marijuana and pardon previous federal pot possession charges. The move could “change the face of the industry” and hasten the end of the war on drugs, a month before midterm elections to catalyze young voters. (Cannabis Confidential)

That sound you hear the fade breaking something: October will test the Fed’s resolve. (Guggenheim) see Also The Fed wants to tame inflation. But what could it do more politely? Central bankers are raising rates rapidly to meet demand and control prices. Now, they’re asking when they can slow down. (New York Times)

Stocking retailers means deep holiday discounts are starting now: Stores are sitting on a record $732 billion in merchandise — including computers, apparel and coffee tables — and consumers aren’t interested. (Washington Post)

Elon Musk can’t fix Twitter because no one can: A $44 billion mistake. (Vox) see more Why Elon Musk Is No Longer Wall Street’s Darling: Could Wall Street’s love affair with Elon Musk be over? Tesla shares were flying high six months ago, valued at $1.1 trillion. Musk then announced his plans to buy control of the social media company. Things haven’t been the same for Tesla shares since then. (CNN Business)

Biden’s rescue plan made inflation worse but the economy better: Government cash spurred demand when economy was struggling to produce, experts say. (Washington Post)

The climate economy is about to explode: A new report suggests the inflation-reduction legislation may be bigger than Congress thought (Atlantic) see more Fat Bear Week 2022 Grizzlies prepare for hibernation, but climate change could alter their sleep Climate change can affect the habits of grizzly bears — when and how long they hibernate, what they eat and where they roam. (grid)

What Russian trolls can teach us about American voters: “Can destroy citizens’ trust in government, exploit social fissures, create mistrust in the information environment, blur the lines between reality and fiction, destroy trust in communities, and undermine trust in the democratic process.” (Atlantic)

Many scientists see fusion as the future of energy — and they’re betting big. A clean, abundant fuel so efficient that Earth’s entire annual supply could fit in a swimming pool. That’s the dream, but there’s also science. (National Geographic) see more BlackRock Fund Bets Rich World May Face a Water Crisis: With hurricanes, floods and other extreme weather events, water security is no longer just an issue for the developing world. (Bloomberg)

Tom Cruise is set to become the first actor to shoot a movie in space: The 60-year-old Hollywood veteran is said to have teamed up with The Bourne Identity director Doug Liman on a movie pitch that involves filming in space, first presented in 2020 ahead of plans to halt the Covid-19 pandemic. Cruise and Liman reportedly approached Universal Filmed Entertainment Group (UFEG) about an idea that would see the actor take a rocket to the International Space Station. (New York Post)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview with Crowe Holdings CEO Michael Levy this weekend. The firm is the largest developer of multifamily-homes in the United States. Crowe is both a developer and investor in commercial real estate, specializing in multi-family, industrial and office properties in 21 markets across the United States.


The S&P500 has risen 2.5% in 2 consecutive days while only 11 times below the 200-ma.

Source: @JonathanHarrier


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