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The strong dollar is wreaking havoc worldwide — and it’s just getting started Fears of global recession, Fed hikes boost dollar ‘No kryptonite’ to blow greenback’s strength soon (Bloomberg)

A housing affordability crisis increases the likelihood of a recession A prolonged sales slump in the $4 trillion industry will ripple through the economy. (Business Week) see more The Great Recession: Why Inflation, Housing, and the Labor Market May Be in Recession — or Something Else Massive employment growth, employer demand for labor and a booming housing market are all starting to emerge from the post-Covid boom. (grid)

Why do we still bother with active funds? The ‘Manager vs Machine’ report found that passive funds outperformed in choppy markets. (Financial Times)

A test day for a $9.4 trillion resulting stock market looms: For analysts, the last Thursday of July is one of the busiest dates in the calendar. This year, it is likely to expand further. (Bloomberg)

How Bacon and Costco Fish Shape America’s View of Inflation Economic policymakers focused on inflation expectations after more than a year of rapid price increases. Consumers explain how they are thinking about rising costs. (New York Times)

No-fly standards Why would people turn down an offer of up to $10,000 to keep their feet on the ground? (Coenfusius)

Chip shortages are easing—but only for some: Some chip demand is up, thanks to stockpiling and consumer spending cuts, but the semiconductor supply chain is still closed (wired).

What prevents a mob from being a mob? Amidst Covid, research from Denmark suggests that crowds don’t always engage in bad behavior — and that mass gatherings sometimes offer meaningful connections. (Scientific American)

Biden is poised for a big win in Congress: As his legislative agenda stalls after a long stretch, Biden and Democrats look poised to reel off a string of victories (Washington Post)

The Mets and Yankees traded spots for the Subway Series The Mets are big spenders. The Yankees have folk heroes. Two New York baseball teams are among the best in sports—and have swapped identities. (Wall Street Journal)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview next weekend with Hannah Elliott covering all things automotive for Bloomberg. We discuss today’s wild car market, motorcycles going electric, LA car culture, vehicles competing with Tesla and his favorite hypercars, and why you should take the $10,000 Ferrari track course.

Why This Crash Is Worse Than 2020 (And Why It May Be Over Soon)

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