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A How the Fed ended the last great American inflation – and how much it hurt: Forty years ago, the Fed pushed the economy into recession to stop inflation. Here’s how to play it out. (Vox)

A Exceeds electric-car tipping point for U.S. mass adoption Once 5% of new car sales are fully electric, everything changes – according to Bloomberg’s analysis of 19 countries that created the EV Pivot. (Green) See more Where have people gone all electric? The places you want to expect are not Fossil fuel-free homes are most common in the southern red state; The big blue states have the highest natural gas dependence. (Bloomberg)

A Sell ​​slowly: If you compare withdrawal strategies over time, you’ll find that quarterly withdrawals lost withdrawals at the beginning of the year anywhere from 62% to 100%. (Dollars and data)

A Here’s why block trading is important Trust-based systems cannot afford the attention of block-busting regulators. (Financial times)

A Products are never included in your portfolio In a challenging economy, many investors and strategists have turned to oil, metals and grain. Now their faces are puffing. (Bloomberg)

A The way we work has changed. So should the office: The future office has the ability to accelerate change and support a whole new kind of work and workforce. (Citylab)

A The DOJ’s short-seller probe was the star of controversy between Carson Block and a former SEC commissioner. Meanwhile, the top prosecutor of the investigation has resigned from the judiciary. (Institutional Investors)

A Whose breath are you breathing? How much of the air you breathe is someone else breathing? And in an epidemic caused by an airborne virus, where are the most risky places? In the first of a five-story series, Farah Hancock reports dangerous hot air stains. (RNZ)

A A Russian journalist asked his former classmates about the Ukraine war. The answers were annoying. Stanislav Kutcher was a journalist and TV presenter in Russia before immigrating to the United States. He is fighting back with his old friends in the war in Ukraine. (Grid) See more The Fight Over Truth also has a Red State, Blue State Divide Several states run by Democrats are pushing for stricter rules for spreading false information, while Republican-led states are pushing for less rules. (New York Times)

A Want fewer abortions? To legitimize them. Countries with the lowest abortion rates have one thing in common: access to safe, affordable abortions. (Reasons to be cheerful)

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Five charts explain why inflation is at a 40-year high

Source: Washington Post

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