Avoid the eyes! Mine Sunday morning See Incompetence, Corruption and Policy Failure:

A ‘If you work hard and succeed, you will lose one’: Can you really make it to the top? Forget the spreadsheets and create them as you go along – this is a message from leaders from Elon Musk to Boris Johnson. But is acting on instinct really a good idea? (Parent)

A Terrible bosses of Silicon Valley: Posted by Elon Musk from School of Management (The Atlantic)

A Waiting for keys, unable to break down doors: Uvalade school police chief avoids delay in confronting gunman Criticized by law enforcement experts for his slowness in getting the shooter out, Pete Aredondo describes a painful wait for a key that will work. In an interview with The Texas Tribune, he said he did not speak soon because he did not want to add grief or point blame to his own city. (Texas Tribune)

A Florida has low count of covid cases and deaths, failed test results, state audit says Florida’s COVID-19 data was so inaccurate, incomplete, and delayed in the early months of the epidemic that government officials and the public may not have the information needed to determine the effectiveness of the state’s COVID-19 alert and optimal anti-virus plan. According to a state report released on Monday. (Miami Herald)

A Why do rural Americans wait for the fast internet despite spending billions Errors in government programs have left some residents behind. (Wall Street Journal)

A Independent countries lead the world in captivity. Why? Proponents of reform say there are other ways to respond to crime – from rehabilitation to trauma treatment. (Vox)

A Merrick Garland’s Impossible Choice: Whether Donald Trump is judged or not The Jan. 6 committee is suing that Trump is part of a criminal conspiracy, but there are many things to consider in a lawsuit against the former president. (Grid) See more More than 100 GOP primary winners are in favor of Trump’s false claim of fraud An analysis by the Washington Post shows that denying the former presidential election has become the price of admission to many Republican primaries. (Washington Post)

A Traffic safety ads are better at making jokes than saving lives Officials should spend money on other things if they want to make roads less risky. (Slate)

A What if there were no adults in the house on January 6? The committee’s hearing on Thursday, Jan. 6, explored a scary alternative universe if Mike Pence didn’t stand up for Trump. (Vox) But look Trump’s lawyer described the election case as a “heated fight” among judges In an email a few weeks after the election, another lawyer, Trump’s campaign adviser, responded that the possibility of “wild” chaos on January 6 could lead the Supreme Court to take a lawsuit. (New York Times)

A What makes the sensor tick? Why would anyone be censored? Why have people throughout history committed themselves to banning books or restricting what other people can read or write or draw or see or say or teach? (Los Angeles Review of Books)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business this week with Dr. Charles Strom, who has been leading the way in genetic testing for over 3 decades, leading forensic tests for criminal forensics and paternity appeal. He has spent 16 years at Quest Diagnostics, as medical director for genetic testing, and has dramatically expanded the company’s range of diagnostic tests. Currently, he is the CEO and co-founder of Liquid Diagnostics.

Elon Musk’s $ 44 billion Twitter acquisition in visual terms

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