Avoid the eyes! Mine Sunday morning See Incompetence, Corruption and Policy Failure:

A How influential people hype crypto, without disclosing their financial relationship Logan Paul, Paul Pierce and other celebrities have promoted risky and obscure digital currencies, sometimes failing to address conflicts of interest. (New York Times)

A 5 facts about American guns. The country can change the catastrophic situation without violating the Second Amendment. Indeed, many such reforms are extremely popular. But dozens of Republican senators are blocking it. The death toll is rising. (Popular info) See more From Sandy Hook to Buffalo: Ten years of gun control failure Among thousands of people, Biden has played a central role in the failed attempt to enact significant firearms legislation. (Washington Post)

A Giant container ships are wreaking havoc: We can blame the Big Boat era for our supply chain headaches (cargo waves)

A How a French bank occupied Haiti It helped finance the Eiffel Tower because it raised millions of dollars from Haiti The bank, CIC, won’t talk about it, but The Times has tracked how much investors have done – and what Haiti has lost. (New York Times) See more Attack on Haiti, Wall Street urging. US obliged: Haitibeg’s long hold on the bank turned into a city group playing drums, showing decades of diplomatic correspondence and other records. (New York Times)

A Kushner and Muchin’s quick pivot to do business with the bay A few weeks before the end of the Trump administration, Jared Kushner and Steven Muchin met with future investors on an official visit to the Middle East. (New York Times)

A Destruction of Ukraine: Russia’s use of illegal weapons is documented Cluster bombs, fletches and unguided missiles in residential areas: Prosecutors investigating alleged Russian war crimes in Ukraine, our journalists reveal evidence found on the ground. (Parent)

A Southern Baptist leaders have been accused of mishandling the crisis of sexual harassment Third-party investigations say executives in the country’s largest Protestant community ignored the victims, resisted reform and were concerned about avoiding “potential liability.” (New York Times)

A The age of extinction is here – some of us still don’t know it: We are crossing the survival threshold – and there is no going back (eudymonia) See more The Annihilation of Florida: A Neglected National Tragedy: An accelerated race to destroy the Florida desert shows how valuable and foreshadowed our collective future is during the climate crisis. (Current event)

A He was a world-renowned cancer researcher. Now he is collecting unemployment. Behind the fall of David Sabatini, one of the ‘best scientists’ of his generation (common sense)

A Republican blueprint for stealing the 2024 election The goal is not to cancel the 2020 election – it is constitutionally impossible. The more ambitious goal of Trump and Republicans is to successfully implement in 2024 the plan they failed to implement in 2020 – and to reverse the 2024 election if Trump or his anointed successor loses again. (CNN) See more Clarence and Ginny Thomas tell us exactly how the 2024 coup will be But another way to look at texts and emails pinging around the highest levels of power and influence in the weeks following November 2020 is a warning and roadmap for what is already being laid out for the next presidential race. But next time, lawyers don’t sweat brown makeup or mention the crackpot theory of interference in the Italian election. (Slate)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business next week with Adam Parker, founder of Tribute Research. Sunford c. Former head of Bernstein’s research, he was the # 1 ranking semi-analyst before becoming Morgan Stanley’s chief U.S. equity strategist and director of Global Quantum Research. As a member of MS’s Global Investment Committee, he has helped manage $ 2 trillion in personal assets.

2021 was another record year for both Internet crime and dollar losses in the United States

Source: Statesman

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