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A Active funds are at the top again (Kinda). It took a bear market to keep them there. After more than a decade of long-term weak performance, more actively managed stock mutual funds and exchange-traded funds have outperformed their passive peers: more than half of U.S. stock funds surpassed the average passive portfolio by May 2021, up from 45%. There may be more but active growth for fund managers – less than 30% of whom have lost passive returns. (Baron)

A Abe Shinzo: A previous one All the way she has denied my expectations. (Nohpinion) See more Shinzo Abe has made the world better: The slain Japanese leader was a visionary architect of an important security alliance in the Indo-Pacific region. (Atlantic)

A What smart investors do in the beer market: Since you can’t make unpredictable predictions, you should have controllable controls. (Wall Street Journal)

A Will US allocators stay on the Chinese investment course? China’s flaws are provoking some hard-line thinking among American institutions, but the country’s attraction remains strong. (Chief Investment Officer)

A How do we know if we are in recession? These are the most important indicators seen by economists and forecasters (Vox)

A Twitter didn’t want a sale. Now Elon doesn’t want to buy a mask. Q is a strange legal drama. Trying to end his $ 44 billion takeover deal, the Tesla boss has set the stage for what could become one of the strangest court battles in corporate-takeover history. (Wall Street Journal)

A Can your old stool cure you future diseases? Stool replacement can cure bowel disease, but finding the right donor stool is difficult. The solution, some scientists believe, is to keep a store of your own. (Wire)

A The lost art of looking at nature: Although David Attenborough’s work rarely focuses on climate change, his project has always been to change how humans relate to nature. (Uninterrupted)

A Roger Stone’s ‘Stop the Still’ Effort Insider Look Film Offered Before January 6 The footage, along with his colleague Ali Alexander, shows the key moments in Trump’s plan to reverse the election results. (Parent)

A Would you leave a lot for Kevin Durant? The player is great. Age and contract trouble. (TrueHup)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Spencer Jacob, editor and author of The Wall Street Journal’s Hard on the Street column. In front of the tape Column He began his career as an analyst at Credit Suisse, where he eventually became director of emerging market equity research. He is the author of “That wasn’t the revolution: Gamestop, Reddit and the flirting of small investors

On the inevitability of the bear market

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