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The state of the economy on Election Day, explained in 6 numbers: Rising prices have weighed heavily on the minds of voters who will soon decide the outcome of elections across the country. (Vox)

Are tips a bargain? They are, but with an asterisk. (Sunset) see more The best place to make money in the bond market is now: Many investors are abandoning the fixed income market. But that may be short-sighted. (Wall Street Journal)

Is the Fed spitting in the air? Maybe, when it comes to inflation. Interest rates are rising, and the economic damage from the rapid, ongoing rise in credit costs is only beginning to show. But higher rates will not completely solve the inflation problem. (Baron’s)

$24 trillion market that predicts and influences interest rates: The US government bond market, known as the Treasury market, predicts interest rates and the path of the economy. (New York Times)

Global Biodiversity: A stable ecosystem results in a stable economy: The UN General Assembly unveiled a 10-point plan on biodiversity financing, which has shown that biodiversity loss helps stop the spread of poverty. (Chief Investment Officer)

When should you change your asset allocation? A handful of these funds have the ability to employ these more complex strategies, but most nonprofits are better off keeping things simple. Not everyone can invest in the top quartile or decile of the best funds (by definition). (Common Knowledge Resources)

Federal officials oversee the agency that trades stock in the company: Hidden records show that thousands of senior executive branch employees owned shares in companies whose fortunes were directly affected by the actions of their employers, a Wall Street Journal investigation found (Wall Street Journal)

Car safety features that kill other people: When we calculate the size of the car to protect us in an accident, what do we expect to happen? (slate)

What does it mean to be a Republican today?: Evan McMullin’s lesson on what his former team stands for now—and what it doesn’t. (bulwark)

What are the 500 Greatest Albums? Rolling Stone has an answer: If you disagree with the rankings, don’t blame the folks at Rolling Stone. Blame Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Iggy Pop. Nile Rodgers, Questlove, Billie Eilish, Herbie Hancock, Sweetie, Carly Rae Jepsen, Lin-Manuel Miranda and members of Metallica and U2, among dozens of other artists. They were among the judges. (Bloomberg)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with financial historian Edward Chancellor. He is currently a columnist for Reuters BreakingView and an occasional contributor to The Wall Street Journal and Moneyweek. In 2008, he received the George Polk Award for Financial Reporting. Chancellor’s Author”The Devil Takes the Hindmost: A History of Financial Speculation“His New Book”The Value of Time: Real Stories of Interest” nominated for the FT’s 2022 Business Book of the Year.

How the S&P 500 has historically performed in midterm election years

Source: The Chart Report

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