The morning of my return to work the train WFH reads:

Some economists fear an unnecessarily deep recession in the Fed’s fight against inflation: Rapid rate hikes give central bankers less time to study their economic impact (Wall Street Journal)

Eight ways Elon Musk could still get out of buying Twitter: TL; DR They’re all pretty stupid (Financial Times) see more Twitter investors should be very careful about trusting Elon Musk: And it’s not going well for him. Discovery Mask looks like he created the whole bot concern. (Surprise!) In fact, he was talking about the need to weed out fake accounts – even before he bid. (New York Post)

Make peace with your stock market losses: For investors, the only thing worse than losing is admitting you’re a loser. Here’s how to clean up your portfolio without feeling ashamed. (Wall Street Journal)

How to manage the risk of randomness in investing: “All of life is the management of risk, not its elimination,” wrote Walter Wriston, former chairman of Citicorp. Randomness is the fabric that weaves the interactions of everything around us. Since you can’t remove randomness from our affairs, you can’t get rid of risk either. (Successful Applicant)

This is not your millennial job market: Gen Z college grads are optimistic about their job prospects. They should. (Vox) see more Has the pandemic finally given working Americans power over their employers? Not really: Of the 11 economic indicators economist Teresa Ghilarducci examined, “most indicators show labor force contraction or give mixed signals.” (Los Angeles Times)

How Finland crashes traffic on ice: The Nordic country’s vehicle death rate is a fraction of the toll in the U.S., despite its harsh climate and ice-covered roads. Here’s how Finns protect traffic. (CityLab)

The 40(ish) most powerful people in podcasting: THR’s inaugural Podcast Powerlist features the creators of the medium’s most influential shows and the executives behind the latest megadeals. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Unsuitable tool for extreme weather survival: But some communities and regions have weathered the effects of the disaster better than others—and they all have something in common” solar power and batteries. (Slate)

How NASA Launched Its Asteroid Killer: The DART mission, in which a spacecraft knocks down an asteroid, is an exercise to save the world. (The New Yorker)

William Shatner: My trip to space filled me with ‘overwhelming sadness’: Excerpt from William Shatner’s new book, “Boldly Go: Reflections on a Life of Awe and Wonder,” the “Star Trek” actor reflects on his journey into space aboard Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin space shuttle on Oct. 13, 2021. Then 90, Shatner became the oldest living person to travel in space, but as the actor and author recounts, he was surprised by his own reaction to the experience. (diversity)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview with Crowe Holdings CEO Michael Levy this weekend. The firm is the largest developer of multifamily-homes in the United States. Crowe is both a developer and investor in commercial real estate, specializing in multifamily, industrial and office properties across 21 markets in the United States.

The small cap forward P/E is 10.8. lowest since 1990

Source: @Mike Zaccardi

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