10 Friday AM Read – The Big Picture

My weekend morning offsite reads:

A new bull market cannot begin until investors have given up To start a new cycle, those who bet on the market must surrender. The problem is, they’ve forgotten what that feels like. (Wall Street Journal)

What’s going on…with the job The June jobs report was cheered by economic bulls because of its strength in the level position, but the rate of change in leading indicators did not favor a soft-landing outcome for the economy. (Charles Schwab) see more ‘A big paycheck? I’d rather watch the sunset!’: Is this the end of ambition? From high-flyers quitting their jobs to Beyoncé singing about work-life balance, people are reclaiming their lives and relationships at work. What has changed? (parent)

What is happening with the housing market? Why big interest rate increases are already scrambling an odd real estate landscape. The housing market is one of the most confusing ever. (grid)

Lots of corporate cash may not be so great, after all Marked as a bulwark against recession, it can come down quickly—and it’s concentrated in a few big companies. (Chief Investment Officer)

Small ways the world works: If you find something that is true in more than one case, you’ve probably discovered something particularly important. The more fields it appears in, the more likely it is to become a fundamental and recurring driver of how the world works. (Associative Fund)

A slowdown in venture funding is coming. Here’s how allocators and managers are handling it. “You’re not going to get the size of the fund you thought you’d get at the end of 2021.” (Institutional Investor)

China’s debt bomb looks set to explode Many warning signs indicate that a debt settlement is imminent (Nikkei). see more Our obsession with growth must end, says this pioneering economist: But what if our current pursuit of growth, rampant as it is and causing such great ecological damage, may cost more than it gains? (New York Times)

The intoxicating pleasure of conspiratorial thinking: How Repentance The January 6 Rebellion Taught Me About Why We Believe (Wired)

Octopus dreams of crabs: What do we know about how animals think, see and feel? And should we change the way we treat them? (slate)

RRR is an incredible action movie with serious problematic politics: Tollywood blockbuster is a hit on Netflix, but its caste politics is not so simple. (Vox)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Graham Weaver, founder and partner at Alpine Investors, a private equity firm in San Francisco that invests in software and services and manages nearly $8 billion. Weaver holds an MBA from Stanford GSB and a BS in Engineering from Princeton. He started Alpine in his dorm room at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, where he is now a lecturer, teaching both management and entrepreneurship.

Working from home is more common in big cities

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