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My weekend morning the train WFH reads:

8 Economists Who Decided Whether the US Is in a Recession: Even if the gross domestic product figures show a shrinking economy, a recession has not officially begun unless the National Bureau of Economic Research says so. (Washington Post)

Why doesn’t the Fed just raise 200bp at a time? Cases for and against bold, sudden action (Nohopinion)

Despite the headwinds, organizations see opportunities Private market returns have fallen from highs, but institutional investors remain confident. (Chief Investment Officer)

What if the suburbs were only a first draft? Remote work, the arrival of home-owning millennials, and other forces could be an opportunity to make them better. (Vox)

The GDP report showed a decline, but it is not a recession: While recession risks for 2023, any decline should be mild and short-lived (Morningstar) see more What causes recession? The economic domino effect has begun, but there’s still time to stop it (Washington Post)

Want to lay off employees more smoothly? There’s a startup for that: There is a startup that thrives amid market volatility. And that’s sort of the perfect metaphor for the current state of technology. The company is called Continuum, and it’s funding layoffpalooza. (NPR)

Why is the car so expensive now? Check out the reasons behind skyrocketing prices and ballooning auto loans. The grid has a net increase of about $13,000 in the cost of a new vehicle. Where does that extra cost come from? (grid)

In Yosemite, a conservation plan calls for chain saws With perennial forests threatened by ferocious wildfires, many experts say it’s time to cut and burn defensively. A lawsuit stands in the way. (New York Times)

Indeed, the Russian economy is collapsing: Nine Myths About Prohibition’s Impact and Business Backlash, Debunked. (foreign policy)

How I Became a Fake Tom Cruise: Miles Fisher had it all: talent, charm and the face of a movie star. The problem was, it was a very specific movie star. After years of fretting about analogy, Fisher embraced it with viral TikTok deepfakes that showcased AI’s amazing ability to cheat. (Hollywood Reporter)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview next weekend with Hannah Elliott, who covers all things automotive for Bloomberg. We discuss today’s wild car market, motorcycles going electric, LA car culture, vehicles competing with Tesla and his favorite hypercars, and why you should take the $10,000 Ferrari track course.

Real Estate vs. Stocks vs. Bonds vs. Inflation

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