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A About 200 years ago, the world began to get rich. Why? Two economic historians have explained what made the Industrial Revolution and modern life possible. (Vox)

A Lehman Moment of Crypto Just Head. What next? In the wake of Terra’s defeat, crypto investors face a tough truth. (Part of the Crypto Column Series.) (Institutional Investors) See more At first he registered Alt-right. Now he is coming for crypto. Molly White, an experienced Wikipedia editor, is fast becoming one of the world’s biggest critics of cryptocurrency. (Washington Post)

A How can instability come so wildly? A cause of much bad news. But also changes in the market structure picture. (Chief Investment Officer)

A When shipping containers sink into drinks We have expanded our ability to ship goods overseas. As our global supply chain grows, what can we collect from the garbage that floats ashore? (New Yorker)

A Nobel laureate economist Robert Schiller thinks about the stock market right now: Nobel Prize-winning economist Robert Schiller is not particularly concerned with the arguments of some market observers for an alarmingly high valuation in the stock market. He also spoke about the current state of the cyclically adjusted price-to-earnings (CAPE) ratio for the S&P 500. (TKer)

A “Worst Housing Affordability” since 1991 (excluding Bubble) In a real sense, home prices are now at an all-time high. On a price-to-rent basis, the Case-Schiller National Index is at record highs and the Composite 20 Index returns to November 2005 levels. By all of the above measures, home prices appear to be higher. (Risk calculated) See more The real estate frenzy is over: Things are still wild there, but they’re not crazy anymore We used to have 50 bidders for the price per query, now it’s down to 5. We see prices falling among the most popular housing markets last year. (Irrelevant investors)

A TikTok trend or epidemic? What is behind the increase in ADHD diagnosis? As of 2016, the reported incidence of ADHD in adults in the United States has increased by 123% – an increase in prescription stimulants indicates that its growth continues. (Parent)

A Will more countries seek nuclear weapons after the war in Ukraine? From the Middle East to East Asia, there has been a nuclear crisis. (Grid)

A The versatility of Taika Wetiti: He made big movies and small movies, funny movies and sad movies – but mostly big-small funny-sad movies. Weight is a bundle of conflict. (Wire)

A Three big questions about the 2022 NBA Finals Is the Warriors’ elite offense the best of Celtic’s elite defense? Will Steff Curry finally have his final MVP moment? Here’s the first look at the 2021-22 season championship matchup. (The Ringer)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business interview this weekend with Dan Chung, CEO and Chief Investment Officer of Alzar Management, which manages $ 35.3 billion in client assets. After graduating from Harvard Law Review, he served as Law Clerk for the Honorable Justice Anthony M. Kennedy of the United States Supreme Court. On September 11, the firm lost 35 people, including its CEO, and donated the Alger 35 ETF in their memory.

Each beer market is different

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