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A The housing shortage is no longer just a coastal crisis A growing national problem has consequences for the future quality of American family life, the economy, and housing politics. (New York Times)

A The U.S. plans to turn Israel’s technology industry against China: Ahead of President Biden’s visit to Jerusalem, his administration has continued to push for further restrictions on the promotion of pressure to isolate Beijing from an important source of advanced technology. (Business Week) But look How China’s BYD played catch-up with Tesla Battery efficiency and endurance have made the group a strong competitor in the global car industry. (Financial times)

A Bond market shelves in historical terms: Treasury yields have risen sharply in recent months. The yield of the most recently issued ten-year note, for example, increased from 1.73% on March 4 to 3.48% on June 14, reaching its highest level since April 2011. Receipts or mark-to-market losses as a result of increased yields are fixed income investors. We place these losses in historical context and investigate whether long-term yield changes are better explained by investors seeking higher short-term rate expectations or demanding more compensation for holding Treasury securities. (Liberty Street Economics)

• ‘They could no longer shout. They were just crying: amateur investors were devastated by the crypto crash Encouraged by hype and hysteria, the market for bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies has moved from a vague niche to the $ 3tn industry. Then the house of cards collapsed. (The Guardian)

A The first million-transistor chip: the story of engineers: Intel’s i860 RISC chip was a graphics powerhouse: Freed from the limitations of compatibility with the 80X86 processor family, the Secret N10 team started with virtually nothing but blank paper. To reduce bureaucracy and communication overhead, [Leslie Kohn] Decided that the N10 team would have as few engineers as possible. (IEEE Spectrum)

A People have always been wrong about people: The Dawn of Everything has fundamentally … changed my outlook on everything. I had to meet someone behind the unveiling of its world. (Wire)

A Once almost extinct, bison are now climate heroes: Indigenous tribes are leading the effort to bring back bison – not just for the biodiversity, but for the entire ecosystem they nurture. (Washington Post)

A Real-life Maverick who took 7 Soviet jets in a classified Korean war dogfight: The existence of the improbable dogfight has been a mystery for decades, yet the details of what happened are part of the legend. (Tasks and Objectives)

A A crazy guide for Wagner: You don’t have to be crazy to enjoy Wagner, but it helps: With that in mind, I’ve compiled a personal list of nineteen works of Wagner’s mature operas, from which I still, over the years, find a real test of endurance that has changed my life. Goes here. (Critic)

A Never bring white wine and other summer grilling rules to a cookout A wine writer and a grill master share expert tips — and nine bottles that will combine nicely with anything. (Bloomberg)

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